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    Jawbreaker tattoo for Rachel! Thank you! #omgnocolor (at Heart and Soul tattoo)

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  6. Oh sweet like lemonade,
    Is the sound of your voice and the taste of your lips.
    Grand, the way you stand,
    Like a sunflower with a soft golden crown.
    And no winter wind could make you wither or blow you down.
    And i too now glow with the kisses you have bestowed upon my head like a crown

    But here, the sun shines thru the blanket casting shadows on our bodies of valleys and beaches,
    And yours taste like peaches,
    Fuels these words that i preaches,
    And tenderly teaches.

    Our legs tie together like shoelaces,
    As i slide my hand up your body, your heart races,
    But ive solved it to be the most delicate of cases.
    I hold you and kiss you as i stop at our faces.
    And the moment is captured so it never erases.

    ~ As the temptation starts to arise,
    I sail my hand to the edge of your thighs,
    Youre breathing faster and start batting your eyes,
    With the seduction of the wind as it blows through the skies.
    And the refreshing of the rain as thunder rolls and it cries.
    By now you figure how my words could never be lies.
    Eye lash, lightning flash,

    Yours truly.

  7. Branded Bandits,
    My brother and I.
    He gives me strength to succeed,
    So that he may see me do so,
    and do the same.
    The intellectual connection of feelings,
    thoughts, and attitudes
    we have with each other.
    The same look we give with our eyes.
    A great story could be written on an adventure we embark.
    I am here to make sure that you have someone.
    Someone there for you always and forever.


    But forever returning back.


  8. waking up slowly, we sift
    seamlessly to the soft familiarity
    of the sheets and blankets.
    your eyes are like two jewels in the sky.
    your back is straight, your hair is smooth
    on the pillow where you lie.
    with a star on your soft sunny back.
    in a dream we were pieces of ships
    we were attached from our feet to our hips
    and forgetting that icebergs were only the tips
    as we crashed I could read the relief on your lips.

    now in the ocean, once are together we are touching,
    clasping eachother, like a warm embrace.
    With my hands as waves, washing up on your body that is my beach.

    I write you these sugar speeches. peaches


  9. meganlacroix:

    soon your world will capsize 

    the night sky will become the place you walk on

    and the ground the space you look up to for infinite possibility

    or reflection on reality and time.

    crossing the universe with stars under toe

    let the constellations be your map

    the only thing truer and bluer than the sea

    are your eyes and the morning sky

    when my sunbeams leave your dreams

    turning our world a passionate mix of warm

    igniting the vivid night blues a flame

    a new world for us to rename.

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  10. We move together like wind and waves,
    We will drift on an endless sea of love,
    An when I look up above, at the sun or the stars, they don’t compare to the brightness of your eyes, shining like fire flies.
    And when the shooting stars launch out of our bright eyes, they clip our eyelashes and send wishes to rest on our cheeks.
    You are so perfect. Truly.
    I fall more and more for you everyday.
    Since we are currently apart, I hope, my dear, that what i write, sheds some light, on how much i truly love you, Megan.
    And that I will prove to you my honesty, my loyalty, and sugar sweet love, and that I can take care of you, entirely. Along with myself.
    My hands wait to hold yours again, and for my eyes to lock with yours, and after closing them, and leaning in close, our lips will do the same.